One of my friends has everything – and I mean ”everything”. Kids, wife, money, a job to die for… But he’s constantly and extremely unhappy. You wouldn’t have guessed.

And the other day, I met a girl who had just lost her job. She was thrilled. ”My job and boss really sucked anyway.” For a long time she had been thinking about starting her own business. This was the excuse she needed, and now she’s moving ahead with it.

Being rich and unhappy, or employed and unhappy – what’s the difference? Rich or poor, job or no job, it boils down to what we really want to do, and dare take the leap. Impossible? Of course not. Scary? You bet.

Many of us were raised in an environment where we knew which profession we should aim for. We ”knew” what was our element. And then a nagging feeling that called for attention made itself heard. ”Hello!? Is this really what you should be doing? Hello!!! Are you even listening?”

Sometimes, opportunity knocks and helps us take the step. It just might be the push we need.
Without that nudge, we owe it to ourselves and those around us anyway – to go find our best element.