We try to follow the road of logic. But we fail.

The second half of the 20th century was built on ”rational”.
– Planning rational production was natural.
– Bringing up all children the same way was rational.
– The gold standard was perfect – ok, nearly.
– Linear thinking was the cats’ whiskers.

Then, we saw the cracks in the wall… We started to notice things:

Most drivers judge themselves as ”better than average”. As we do in other cases also.
We’re prepared to pay more than 5 dollars for a 5-dollar bill in a simple social experiment. What does that say about more important purchases?
The Olympic Games are always ”the best thing that can happen” – before they happen. Then, the numbers don’t add up.
We love to hate reality TV stars – and follow them.
We can’t tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in a blind test.

On and on we go, as we’ve always done.

So, irrational gets us in trouble sometimes. But hey, let’s embrace it. We are irrational! At least now, we’re aware of it.

We MUST get better at spotting the bad calls. Hello economists! Hello Big Four! Hello politicians! Hello you and me!

After all: irrational gave us Spotify, Airbnb, Playstation, DeLorean and Agile planning. And then some…