The concept of tribal communities had a strong intuitive appeal. You ”got it” at once. It’s easier to understand the type of individuals that belong to a tribe than those from the old-school target group.

There’s a catch though. There are tribes in disguise: the swarm. A temporary, fickle, one-problem focused e-gathering, tweeting-over-a-very-important-issue, outraged on Face Book over a political decision, not-gonna-take-anymore type of gathering.

Contrary to the tribes, members of swarms have very little in common, and they have a short life-span. They may last for a day, a week, a month. Then. They. Move. On.

Not the same individuals to a new wheat field – like the locusts. The individuals will move to a completely different place, with totally new wing mates. Impossible to predict.

Swarms favor old-school corporate leaders and politicians – the patriarchs. Social media and the press will be glad to help.

Ready or not, here they come.