In the end of 2017, a production team from the Spanish publication El Païs came to Epicenter to do a piece on chip implants in the human body.

There have been a number of similar visits to Epicenter, with crews asking questions about implants – the why, the how, daily use, if it hurts etc. Many of the previous interviews have been skeptical of the development technology brings to the human body, but the tone from El Païs shows a shift in perspective.

”Trabajador de Epicenter”

Maybe implants have been around long enough now, so that people are more at ease about them? By the way, how come very few question the chipping of dogs and cats? There have also been a couple of major books covering enhanced humans, such as ”Homo Deus” by  Yuval Noah Harari and ”Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark.

Jowan Österlund – world record holder of implanting chips

Another shift can be seen in the number of chips implanted the last year. Jowan Österlund from Biohax estimates that 700 implants were don during the first half of 2018 – a huge increase.

Next question – what will the next generation implants be capable of? One of the few things that are certain  – there will be upgraded implants. And we might not stop at having one chip – not even two?

Hannes Sjöblad – inspiring trail-blazer